Internship - right arm of the co-founders

We're looking for an intern to join us in our offices at the heart of Paris (rue Chabanais)

The intern will have a pivot role in the company, helping on the product development and design process alongside the CTO and the CEO, tackling first customers sales, project management and follow-up, while ensuring a close relationship with the product. As Product & Operations, you’ll have to both review the strategy of the company (the product strategy, the design of the customer experience and the go-to-market strategy), and to run it alongside the founders. Directly responsible with mentoring from professionals formerly from McKinsey, Google, L’Oréal and company founders, it represents a unique opportunity to learn about early stage start-up structuration in a high-growth, high-responsibility role.

🚀Expected main results

The Operations/Product manager junior will participate and be trained to multiple responsibilities all along the internship to be able to handle the following missions at different stages of the internship.


Be the acting Product Owner

- Help to manage the product roadmaps and product backlog (dev board, mid term roadmap)

- Translate customer and user feedbacks into actionable insights to anticipate and prioritize customer needs

- Turn insights into functionalities, produce low-definition design, write comprehensive user-stories for the dev team           

- Help to continuously review and develop the product and company vision

Lead complex projects

- Structure and lead the project with early customers (definition of success, key objectives, process step-by-step)

- Translate and implement customer needs into Niagara’s App functionalities 

- Ensure customer relationships all along the projects

- Identify key actors (decisions makers, power users, promoters and detractors)  in the target companies, define the relevant course of action to ensure a successful delivery of the project and trigger problem-solving before the project drifts

- Trigger and lead problem-solving on product, strategic and business vision based on customer feedbacks

- Manage customer success and ensure a dynamic customer development to grow into the account

Participate to early stage structuration, business development and strategy

- Manage the sales process end-to-end with the co-founders (target definition, acquisition, conversion) 

- Convince co-founders and management of relevant course of actions and help define and structure ventures’ objectives and key results         

🤗 Ideal candidate

Ideal candidate can demonstrate strong willingness to learn and grow with the team and project.



Constantly propose and execute new ideas and actions.

Grit & adaptability

Can fail multiple times and still give new strategies and energy towards goal

Ability to learn

Actively seek knowledge and new ways of improving constantly, self-driven

⭐Values : Ideal candidate should share the core values of OSS : Do - Fail, learn, succeed - Faith - Create & share value - 

🤑Compensation : Salary will be on par with french tech companies.

Misc. : French & english are mandatory, regular same-day travel to factories in France, and maybe Europe

At least one significant professional experience is needed.

Apply on the website or by email to, cover letter + CV

Paris, FR

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